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Space Coast Flooring is Brevard County’s premier flooring installation company.  Founded by Robin Busquets in 2012, the focus has always been on excellent service for clients, quality craftsmanship, and above all else an amazing end result.  Done right, a new floor can last the lifetime of your home.  Space Coast Flooring  operates expecting this to be the case.

Having a long history in the flooring and home improvement industry himself, Robin has long understood the pivotal role quality and craftsmanship plays in delivering the best result. Robin’s unwillingness to settle for “just ok” is apparent in the work he, and the entire team at Space Coast Flooring, completes on every project.  The inspiration for founding Space Coast Hardwood in fact care from that drive to do better, as Robin saw many opportunities in the industry.  He challenges himself and his team on every single job site to always improve on the process and final results.

Robin’s deep appreciation for the Space Coast’s nature and environment is also very apparent.  It’s not just about the beautiful beaches and amazing waterways though, the passion also encompasses how the environment can effect a job site.  Working with a team the understands the subtle styling cues and common pitfalls of floor installations in Florida is critical for achieving the best results.  The team at Space Coast Flooring brings years of this local expertise  to ever project.


Space Coast Flooring works with all types of flooring, but specializes in vinyl and hardwood flooring.  The team is experienced with working with many types of materials, everything from basic tile to exotic hardwoods.  

The importance of the work that is completed prior to the flooring being installed is truly was sets Space Coast Hardwood apart from the competition.  The attention to detail and understanding of exact specifications needed for a variety of materials and conditions is what makes the Company’s results truly of a different caliber.

Space Coast Flooring works on both small and large scale projects.  Contact us today to learn more.

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